Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Retrieving Freedom, Inc.

Tristan Kuhn, like many children, has autism. His parents became interested in getting a service dog, specially trained to help work with his unique needs that include: adjusting to new situations, staying focused on the task at hand, calm him in times of stress, and engaging in escape behaviors outside of the home.  His parents feel very blessed that just recently Tristan has been put on a list to receive a service dog from "Retrieving Freedom Inc," a non profit organization, whose goal is to place service dogs with veterans and children with autism.  Unfortunately not all costs are covered to receive this wonderful dog for their son. The family needs to raise $8,000.00 to received a trained service dog for Tristan and that's why we are inviting you to help them reach this goal...

                                                           "A Dog For Tristan" Fundraiser
                                                          Hosted by- Mark and Denise Kuhn

                                                    Where- The Kuhn Family Farm
                                                                 2667 240th Street, Charles City, IA. 50616

                                                    When-  Saturday, September 1, 2012
                                                                 Food and drinks will be served

                                              A representative from Retrieving Freedom and his
                                       service dogs (like the one Tristan will receive) will be present

                                                There will also be an exhibition tennis match on
                                          "The All Iowa Lawn and Tennis Club" grass tennis court.
                           (Bring your tennis shoes and racquet's and have some fun on the grass court)

If you have it in your heart to contribute to this wonderful cause that will change Tristan's life for the better, there is one of three ways you can help:
1. Attend the event
2. Make a contribution to paypal at    (type in for recipient)
3. Send a check payable to "Retrieving Freedom Inc" to:
    Mason & Lori Kuhn
    2407 Green Creek Rd
    Cedar Falls, IA. 50613

*All contributions are tax deductible*

To learn more about Autism service dogs click on the link below:

Videos on Autism service dogs: